Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I don’t know her much...still remember the childish innocent smile on her face...
Banaras Hindu University the place where I learned countless lessons of my life...there i met this girl...who is a synonym to life...whom whenever i remember i recall the smile which can flower many hearts. Today i confess that I was jealous of her...the way she stole my best friend Raunak... and stole me as well...
Sowmita...my friend’s friend...my favourite junior’s best buddy...the two people who matter in my life the most during my graduation were raunak and pragyna...and today I got hurt coz she left them inhumanely how dare she do that to them, to me...to everyone who love her...how unkind of her...
Sowmita, you made me realize how important raunak is for me...i’ll never forget the way you really taught me that one should care about his /her friends...though u never taught me with a stick in your hand...but the way raunak and you created a bond i learnt the way of MAINTAINING FRIENDSHIP.
I know how helpless one is who really want to be with her loved one, I know how it is all about... coz when u lose some one then only you realize his/her importance in your life.
True are the words which says, ask the person the value of life who is about to lose it.
The way she ran towards me with that chocolate pastry, her lips showing that she already have tasted the pastry... the way she offered me to have a bite of that already eaten pastry that flawless innocence...i remember the child ...in her....still remember and tears rolled down my cheek to hurt them make them wet...
I lost maa...I know how cruel almighty can be...when he likes a person he just snatch him/her away from you, not even think for a second time about the person who will live like dead bodies after those people.
God is just selfish...and no one understand better than those people who have lost someone coz of him.
Death is inevitable truth but sometimes the gangster whom we call lord of heaven... just play so unfair.
We love you sowmita and we will always love you, we will let u live the life through our breaths...see the dreams through our eyes...taste the happiness through our feelings...
We the people whom you have showed the way to smile, to live life ...to love our friends and to help them out in all ways and stand by them always, promise you to make you live through our smiles...
To you for you!!
We love you
(on behalf of All Friends from BHU)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a moment of reality !!

A day that passes without silence...unlike the rest, when you think back and ponder over what just passed by ... you would not have many such days in life which makes you feel like this... let me take you through those moments that made 4 hours of 14th of june 2009...a day full of experiences ..a day loaded with power pack learning ,, and yes a unique day i shall cherish for the rest of my life !!
Let me take you through that journey ..As part of our orientation programme for MBA at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies , Pune i was part of a business exercise in which we were in groups of two and had to find a job for one day within a given periphery i.e Kalyaninagar till KP .. without a penny in my pocket ...
At 10 am sharp we were set free ..on our own .. myself neha and my buddy deepak embarked on our path of finding our worth in the market !
There are people who genuinely help you sail through is the first lesson i learnt ..but you have got to have the third eye to catch and hold on to the opportunity .. it was with Maj Mehta who willingly gave us a lift till our destination Kalyaninagar .. we thereafter went to about 5 places asking for a days employment ..but it being a Sunday a busy - busy day there were point blank refusals ,,ofcourse who wants to lose the customers ..
but if there are problems there ought to be solutions all one requires is POSITIVE ATTITUDE plus PERSEVERANCE is the fact that stands tall.
Finally we convinced the sales manager Mr. Sachin Tayade @ Archies gallery ,Adlabs Mall . Every task has it pressure points which have got to be identified .. and here it was identifying the customers who were there to actually buy the stuff..
One thing which i believe is to be done first and foremost is to strike a chord with the employees ,, and yes with the employee i mean even the guard at the door ,,everyone commands respect --a biggg lesson surely !

We then proceeded to understand the domain ,,afterall domain expertise holds an upperhand .. after a few rounds and interaction with the employees we got a fair idea of the work scenario. It soon seemed like a second home ..We managed to be a part of the team and get across a lot of sales ..it was a great insight provided by Ms Florence at the help desk ..which helped us getting to know the tricks of the trade .

Suddenly we realized that it was 2 pm ,,we were dead hungry ..but not complaining for the first time !! All thanks to the kind manager who arranged for a sumptuous lunch for us ..we were back with a BANG ! Ready ,,afresh to attend the customers with a pleasant smile .
Worked for another 2 hrs and looked at the watch ,,it was already the time to leave .. our next target destination was Post 91 .. It was goodbye time ,,before leaving we gave a few humble suggestions to improve the sales in terms of visual merchandising. Surprisingly we got 200 bucks ,,we never asked for it at the time of joining ..Then we set to KP ,, again taking lift we reached and met our mentor and our other batchmates to share the experiences over a cup of coffee !!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heaven Of Freedom- Rabindra Nath Tagore (Our Inspiration)

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free,
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom,
my Father, let my country awake
( GUEST WRITING:Our inspiration)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New Beginning...(Dedicated to a dear friend)

Its not you whom I blame,
Its my heart which beated first, and so had that flame;

Its not you who came for a while,and left it knocking,
Its me who was unknown, and ergo felt so shocking;

Its not you who took the first step,
Its me who spoke that first, and then drew back my step;

Its not you who felt bad,
Its me who is happy to set you free, and hence feeling so glad.


Monday, January 26, 2009

O soul! Believe in yourself

O soul! Why are you bleeding so much?
Had somebody hurt you?
Just like for his behaviour,
A gruelling dog is beaten by his master.

O soul! Why are you so splenetic?
Had somebody irritated you?
Just like that nursery mistress,
Who screams uselessly at the kinder garden students.

O soul! Why are you so scared?
Had somebody scared you?
Just like an atrocious dream,
That hinders a child’s sleep at night.

O soul! Why are you so anxious?
Had somebody’s thought made you anxious?
Just like a Jinx’s presence in life,
That makes one’s life full of anxiety.

O soul! Why are you all alone?
Had somebody left you all alone?
Just like in autumns,
Leaves shed down leaving the bare branches alone.

O soul!
Don’t think so much,
Don’t feel so much,
Don’t speak so much,
Just believe in yourself and grab your dream!!

A New Dawn

Every dawn is a new hope
Every shinning ray unfolds unlimited scope
To welcome life in a lively way
To cherish happiness and make it stays
When the mild breeze takes your heart away
When you spread your arms like the shinning rays
All the challenges seem melting away slowly
All invisible hopes and spirits emerge gradually
Turn and look at dancing trees
Turn to listen to birds and bumbling bees
They altogether have a different story to tell
They rejuvenate you and cast a spell
It’s now that you are ready to run today
It’s now that you shall run faster than yesterday
It’s again an endless rat-race that you must win
But don’t forget the voice of nature in this world’s din.

What is Life?

Who they say has time for you
Who damn cares whether this is false or true
This is when I thought things must change Some call it mystery, some call it destiny
Some call it journey that is full of irony
Sailing across the ocean I always feel
Sailing through those precious moments if I could steal
That one precious moment that changed my life
That now I realize made my dreams alive
It was when the thought was not my own
It was like something hit me as hard as stone
In dust laden days heat
In everyday’s work emotions are trampled under feet

This is what told me that success is not merely arrange
Not a range that can be measured
Not a value that can be treasured
If something shall be till the end of life
If something that sustains after your life
Is not your rat-race that you probably won?
Is not a wealth in cash worth a million tonne?
But a single gesture or help you offered
At the right time to the needy or any one shattered
This is truly we wealth you literally conquered
Inscribed shall be your name in the heart of people!