Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I don’t know her much...still remember the childish innocent smile on her face...
Banaras Hindu University the place where I learned countless lessons of my life...there i met this girl...who is a synonym to life...whom whenever i remember i recall the smile which can flower many hearts. Today i confess that I was jealous of her...the way she stole my best friend Raunak... and stole me as well...
Sowmita...my friend’s friend...my favourite junior’s best buddy...the two people who matter in my life the most during my graduation were raunak and pragyna...and today I got hurt coz she left them inhumanely how dare she do that to them, to me...to everyone who love her...how unkind of her...
Sowmita, you made me realize how important raunak is for me...i’ll never forget the way you really taught me that one should care about his /her friends...though u never taught me with a stick in your hand...but the way raunak and you created a bond i learnt the way of MAINTAINING FRIENDSHIP.
I know how helpless one is who really want to be with her loved one, I know how it is all about... coz when u lose some one then only you realize his/her importance in your life.
True are the words which says, ask the person the value of life who is about to lose it.
The way she ran towards me with that chocolate pastry, her lips showing that she already have tasted the pastry... the way she offered me to have a bite of that already eaten pastry that flawless innocence...i remember the child ...in her....still remember and tears rolled down my cheek to hurt them make them wet...
I lost maa...I know how cruel almighty can be...when he likes a person he just snatch him/her away from you, not even think for a second time about the person who will live like dead bodies after those people.
God is just selfish...and no one understand better than those people who have lost someone coz of him.
Death is inevitable truth but sometimes the gangster whom we call lord of heaven... just play so unfair.
We love you sowmita and we will always love you, we will let u live the life through our breaths...see the dreams through our eyes...taste the happiness through our feelings...
We the people whom you have showed the way to smile, to live life ...to love our friends and to help them out in all ways and stand by them always, promise you to make you live through our smiles...
To you for you!!
We love you
(on behalf of All Friends from BHU)

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