Monday, January 26, 2009

O soul! Believe in yourself

O soul! Why are you bleeding so much?
Had somebody hurt you?
Just like for his behaviour,
A gruelling dog is beaten by his master.

O soul! Why are you so splenetic?
Had somebody irritated you?
Just like that nursery mistress,
Who screams uselessly at the kinder garden students.

O soul! Why are you so scared?
Had somebody scared you?
Just like an atrocious dream,
That hinders a child’s sleep at night.

O soul! Why are you so anxious?
Had somebody’s thought made you anxious?
Just like a Jinx’s presence in life,
That makes one’s life full of anxiety.

O soul! Why are you all alone?
Had somebody left you all alone?
Just like in autumns,
Leaves shed down leaving the bare branches alone.

O soul!
Don’t think so much,
Don’t feel so much,
Don’t speak so much,
Just believe in yourself and grab your dream!!


  1. that was a good one !! and expected one also.
    waise who's neha ? she writes well and she seems to be optimistic writer !!!!

  2. This isn't the same as the original draft you gave me to read. I must say this one has some essence missing but since it ends up with a positive note so that makes it a bit even.
    Its a good poem and i don't get to read like this much so plz write more :)

  3. emotions really really well penned down....
    a real good monologue with oneself...
    keep writing..hope to see some better works....